The marketing of “provenance” homes is derived from proven concepts, rooted in the art world and follows the basic tenets and methodology evident in the cataloging and the market offering of works of fine art. In our model, each residence receives intense scrutiny whereby origin, history and any and all pertinent information is sought out. This will then form the dossier of that “home of provenance”.

There is a prevalent misconception when the notion of “provenance” is discussed, that the home must be one designated as a “character” home or possess a “heritage” designation. Many “heritage” homes and indeed a good number of “character” homes could certainly be defined as a “home of provenance” but, to be defined thus, does not necessitate “character/heritage” classification. Further, it should be readily distinguished that quality and condition play a most significant part as attributes of the dossier and the attainment of “provenance” status.