The Homes of Provenance model has been formulated primarily for either (or both) of these client functions; to assist with the search to acquire a Vancouver area Home of Provenance as a principal residence or a home-away-from-home. We have simplified the description of that voyage of discovery as searching


to assist with the process of the disposition of currently owned real estate with efficiency and with maximal financial return. This gallery style display has as its goal to assist others to discover the value of your offered home of provenance – hence offerings

Finally, we offer to all those contemplating future acquisition or divestment, our Upper Tier Update which we publish on a quarterly basis.  This is available by e-mail as a free service to all clients (past, present or future) as persons desirous of remaining up to date with the conditions and market forces in this market segment subscribe.

Naturally, we welcome your questions, comments and input on any market attribute or aspect of this model contact us. We are honored to accompany you as we are jointly Discovering Exceptional Properties.

Important Note: The model in its present form is available only in the Metro Vancouver Area (and limited contiguous locations). We are closely associated with colleagues in all other major centres and anywhere where Homes of Provenance are located. Please contact us for a personal reference to a Broker familiar with the model in your area of interest and we shall be pleased to oblige.